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Treating stress in Braintree

Using hypnotherapy to successfully treat stress and anxiety in Essex. Our body needs to feel stressed sometimes as it prepares our body for challenges, releasing chemicals (adrenaline) to improve our natural response mechanisms preparing your body for optimum performance in its time of need. But if you are stressed day after day night after night your body starts to get fatigued creating additional psychological and physical symptoms. We are not born stressed it is a learned behavior our body adopts usually as a result of a deep rooted emotional problem.

Stress effecting your immune system

If you are continuously stressed it starts to be a vicious circle. Stress weakens your immune system so you start to feel low tired and exhausted. These feelings compound the stressful symptoms you are experiencing and could lead to longer more damaging conditions. If you are suffering from long term stress you are at a higher risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

Symptoms of stress
We all deal with stress in different ways and what might stress you out may not stress someone else out. We all have our triggers which sometimes just get confused and out of control.

Unprovoked angerDepression
Irrational behaviorsGeneral anxiety
Tiredness during the dayStomach problems
Panic attacksComfort eating
loss of sex driveSkin problems
Sexual problemsHeart palpitations
Floss of appetiteSleepless nights

Treating stress successfully

Stress like anxiety and depression is generally an emotional problem. You may even feel stressed without even knowing why, this is because stress and anxiety is your bodies way of telling you something is wrong its a warning system. Some therapies gloss over the stressful feelings you are having leaving you calm and feeling relaxed. But unfortunately the deep rooted emotion behind your symptoms is unresolved. With in weeks or even days the first sign of a stressful situation can put you back to square one.

Treating stress with analytical therapy (hypnoanalysis)

Analytical therapy treats stress successfully as it deals with the root of the problem releasing the associated emotion removing your symptoms once and for all. Contact me today to arrange a free consultation answering any questions you may have.