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Depression treatment in Woodbridge Suffolk

Treating depression in Woodbridge

Using hypnotherapy to successfully treat depression and anxiety in Essex. Depression is an extremely debilitating illness which affects not only the individual, but also their family, their friends, their employment, their self esteem, and ultimately, restricts the enjoyment of their life. Many people with depression go through life without seeking help, believing that depression is just ‘part of them’, but in truth, depression is very treatable. Unfortunately people with depression often feel that they are ‘alone’ and that no one can understand how they are feeling. This is compounded when people around them ‘say snap out of it!

About depression

Depression affects around one in four women and one in ten men and can effect people of all ages. As with many emotional related problems, there can be a number of symptoms. Listed below are a few though it’s very rare for all of them to occur in one person.

Symptoms of Depression

Feelings of sadnessFeelings of loneliness
Loss of weightGeneral anxiety
Tiredness during the daySuicidal thoughts
Decreased concentrationGeneral restlessness
loss of sex driveFeeling worthless
Pessimistic thoughtsHeart palpitations
Can’t make decisionsSleepless nights

Treating depression successfully

Depression like anxiety is generally an emotional problem. You may even feel depressed without even knowing why, depression can be your bodies way of telling you something is wrong its a warning system. Some therapies gloss over the blue feelings you are having leaving you calm and feeling relaxed. But unfortunately the deep rooted emotion behind your symptoms is unresolved. With in weeks or even days the overwhelming feeling of depression can, once again start to emerge.

Treating depression with analytical therapy (hypnoanalysis)

Analytical therapy can treat depression successfully as it deals with the root of the problem releasing the associated emotion removing your symptoms once and for all. Contact me today to arrange a free consultation answering any questions you may have.