What Is Hypnosis

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Hypnosis in Woodbridge Suffolk
covering Woodbridge, Ipswich and Felixstowe

What is hypnosis?

hypnosis is probably one of the most effective ways to find and release conflicts, depression, blocks and illness. If you want to Stop Smoking, Make more money, have Great Sex, Find a lost object, Lower your golf handicap, or just find out how to release anger and be happier, then you may need to consider the natural posative changes hypnosis can achieve.

Everything we experience, EVERYTHING, is a result of how we perceive it. We choose our reality, our thoughts and our feelings. When you think you no longer have a choice about how you think or feel, you are experiencing a block that may be created by an emotional conflict. Hypnotherapy can find and release the block, allowing you to have the freedom to think and feel the way you want to think and feel. Hypnotherapy feels great and it is a fast and can be a permanent solution.

If you have fears of public speaking, or being on stage, or you just want to be more confident and spontaneous, you can overcome these fears. I have, and it is worth it. Imagine how fun it would be to know that you can get up anytime, anywhere and speak to a group of people, feeling confident and spontaneous. You can do this! Make your fear a thing of the past.

Quit smokingQuit smoking in Suffolk. Hypnosis is very successful in treating habits such as smoking. In one session you will stop smoking becoming a NON smoker immediately

Lose weightLose weight in Woodbridge. Hypnosis helps you to lose weight naturally and permanently by changing your belief system and your association with food.

Fear of public speaking

Social phobiaSocial phobia, social anxiety or the fear of public speaking is one of the most common phobias. Analytical therapy removes your fears once and for all.

Anixiety disorders - Woodbridge

Anxiety disordersAnxiety disorders can be treated using an advanced type of hypnosis called analytical therapy if you suffer from anxiety contact me today!

Free hypnosis consultation in Woodbridge Suffolk

FREE consultation – Find out how hypnosis can help you!
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