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Quit Smoking in Woodbridge Suffolk using hypnosis
Covering Woodbridge, Ipswich and Felixstowe

Stop smoking hypnotherapy

Withdrawals symptoms are largely the result of powerful conditioned responses. 
We reinforce these conditioned responses with our beliefs and our self talk. Have you ever heard yourself say, ” Quitting is always so hard, I just don’t think I will ever be able to stop. I want a cigarette sooo bad, I won’t be able to think straight until I get one.” You are basically asking you body to crave a cigarette and make yourself feel you can’t think straight until you get one.

Quit smoking hypnosis – reprograming your mind

My clients say they have no cravings when they use hypnosis to stop. Here is why. They do not fall prey to the negative self-talk that assures failure. They repeatedly tell their body that this will be easy. Every time they take a deep breath and drink a glass of water they decide that they will feel satisfied, energized and clear headed. They affirm the results and expect it to be easy. They also understand that most cravings are a result of a conditioned response! Certainly true, conditioned responses are powerful, but you can create new ones.

Conditioned responses are powerful, but creating new ones can be easy. 
Here’s a way to start. Relax, close your eyes (not while you are reading this) and imagine yourself in a future moment when you no longer smoke. Make it as real as you can, adding in a visual experience as well as the sounds, the smells, the emotions, etc.

Spend time in your imaginary future when you are a nonsmoker. Take a trip on your future time line to a time when you have completely forgotten about smoking, where it does not bother you a bit, and then let yourself look back on the time line and remember how EASY it was for you to stop. Reflect on the amazement you felt when you realized that one day you stopped having any desire for tobacco, and never gave it another thought.

Now, let yourself really feel the freedom you have. Notice what it is like to no longer be owned by cigarettes, that your thoughts are your own, you are free to choose what you want to do and where you want to go, without cigarettes coming into your thoughts. Spend lots of time here in the future, and let your mind take these future resources back with you. 

Create this anchor for these future resources:
Press your thumb and finger together on your right hand and hold it for about 30 seconds.
Now imagine yourself even farther in the future, at a time when you really don’t even think about smoking ever. Make it very real. Anchor it in with the thumb a finger for about 30 seconds.

Now, the touch of the thumb and finger connects a feeling in your brain, or STATE with the trigger of a squeeze of your thumb and finger.
Now, bring yourself back to the present moment while you are still holding your thumb and finger together. That is your anchor for the state of being a nonsmoker.

You are creating a new conditioned response, or trigger.

Any time you think you want a cigarette, stop, remind yourself that the urge will be gone in a moment.
Drink a big glass of water.
Take 3 very deep slow breaths .
Close your eyes and use your anchor for 30 seconds.

You have to stop the old pattern of a conditioned response of craving, and tell your brain to access a new feeling. Water, oxygen, and positive future image of being a nonsmoker will become your new conditioned response.

Before having a cigarette, realize that the feeling you have may be a need for water. Your body could be dehydrated and what you are really craving is water.

Take three very deep breaths. Your body may be craving oxygen. One thing that smoking does is make you breathe deep. Your brain knows that this is one way to get you to take deep breaths, so you thinks you need to smoke. 
Tell yourself (in your self hypnosis sessions) that when you exhale on the third deep breath you will feel completely satisfied and at peace. DO NOT say you won’t want a cigarette, or you WON’T want to smoke. Use words like satisfied and comfortable that describe the way you want to feel.

DO NOT underestimate the power of this! If you do it, it will work.

Do it every time you want a cigarette for the first week, and you probably will have lost your cravings after 3 or 4 days.
Remember, you must create a new message, or conditioned response for your brain to respond to when it is trying to want a cigarette.
If you are thinking about having a cigarette,
1st- take three very deep breaths, holding each one for at least eight counts, exhale fully.
2nd- Drink a large glass of water, all at once.
3rd- Use your anchor, and have a moment of quiet peace.
4th- Eat an orange. Fresh oranges have bioflavinoids in them that combat cravings and it give you something to do with your fingers and it smells a lot better than a cigarette.

Do this every time and your body will create a new conditioned response every time you used to think about a cigarette. You will begin to feel satisfied and calm with a deep breath and a glass of water!

Nutrition during the first three weeks
3000 mg per day vitamin C
B-complex multivitamin 2 times per day
Brush teeth with baking soda to neutralize mouth pH. Use a dab of baking soda to relieve the pH imbalance in the mouth.
Drink at least 8 glasses of water.
Protein at each meal
Eat fresh veggies and fruits frequently to keep your blood sugar stable.
Walk every day.

You are detoxifying your system, and the nicotine will be gone in less than four days. Cravings and withdrawals are within your control. The words and phrases you use when you talk to yourself will influence your body greatly, in that your mind communicates every thought and word to your body. If you say “this craving feels like it will never go away”, then your body has no choice but to respond and make the craving last. This is the most important thing in being free! Here is a good message, ” I feel good when I take a deep breath, my body relaxes and feels satisfied.” If it doesn’t get it the first time, don’t just decide it won’t work. Continue to talk to your body and it will learn a new response. Use the breathing, the water, the words and keep your commitment. You are more powerful than some disgusting piece of paper filled with chemicals and dried plant stuff. 

Keep your faith, you will be FREE!

Sooner or later, you’re gonna have to quit. Or die. 
What a choice. 
Well, we’re all going to die sometime. So, what’s the big deal? When it’s my time, it’s my time.

Not so fast. You do have a choice about your life and about your health. How does it feel to know that one day you may have to tell your husband or wife that you are not going to be around much longer. That you have to say goodbye. How about that day when you have to tell your kids you are not going to be around to see them graduate from school? Have their first baby? Get married?

So, what is it going to take for you to stop? Something deeper than a promise? Stronger than guilt? More powerful than anything you can consciously conceive of? Probably.

Getting past smoking requires a subconscious decision on a deeper subconscious level. It also requires new triggers and anchors that are installed on an automatic response level. 
New associations trigger new responses in your body. It can be done.

My clients often comment that they did not experience a withdrawal symptom. Amazing, I say. And how about you be amazed with the rest of us. Find out how powerful it can be to get out of your tobacco prison. Be free. It is your choice.

You can join the ranks of the free and the brave. When you are ready to stop smoking and take back your lives, your health and your freedom. The information given above is just a guide if you are in any way unsure of anything please consult your doctor first.

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