Driving Test Nerves

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Driving Test Nerves in Woodbridge Suffolk

Using hypnosis to remove driving test nerves

Over one million people take the UK driving test each year. Driving instructors will tell you that many people fail their driving test not because of a lack of driving ability, but because of driving test anxiety or nervousness which builds up before the test even starts. Conversely, many others pass the test even though their technical driving skills may be limited, they just get it right on the day.

For many people, the anticipation of the test, and the thoughts of what might go wrong, can be worse than the test itself. And of course, the more nervous you become, the more likely you are to make mistakes on the actual test – a Catch-22 situation!

Driving test nerves
Hypnosis has the power to remove your driving test nerves boosting your confidence to help you pass your test on the day.

Not only will this CD help you to be calm on the day of your test you will also be a more confident driver in the weeks after you pass. Purchase driving test hypnosis cd

General driving test information

Passing the driving test is often as much about being calm, relaxed and focused as it is about driving skills. Whilst you must take sufficient driving lessons and get enough driving practice to learn to drive proficiently, hypnotherapy can help you prepare mentally to stay focused and relaxed ahead of the driving test itself. Deep relaxation techniques used in hypnosis help you to focus inwards and start to restore your feeling of confidence and self-belief, providing real help with passing the practical driving test.

In hypnotherapy you can use visualisation techniques, using the power of your imagination to rehearse or practice the test in your mind. By doing so you will have already experienced the feeling of passing the test, and your mind has been pre-programmed for success. With your feelings of confidence and control restored, the driving test can be tackled with new levels of calmness and assurance. Your aim is to pass your driving test and to stay calm and relaxed during the test.

Finally, here are five top tips on how to pass the driving test from Keith Cameron, Head of Road Safety at the British School of Motoring;

Get a good instructor
This doesn’t have to mean a nice one, in fact Keith thinks you’re better with an instructor who uses thorough systems and tells you what you’re doing wrong.

Practice will make your control of the car more natural, so you won’t be put off as much by nerves during your test.

Don’t rush into the test
Take advice from your instructor on whether you’re ready. If you’re tested before you’re ready you might fail, and because of the pressure, tests get harder every time you sit them.

Pick the time
Driving tests are stressful enough, so you don’t want other things preying on your mind at the same time.

Get over your mistakes
You can make a mistake and still pass, as long as you get on with it and don’t let it affect you.

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