Anger Management

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Anger Management in Woodbridge Suffolk
covering Woodbridge, Ipswich and Felixstowe

Anger management using hypnosis

Stop the patterns that make you angry and learn to create a positive and understanding nature when faced with challenges. An extraordinary experience into the causes of anger and the release of the triggers.

  1. Conscious Creation – train your mind to see the good in things, create the feelings you want and learn to talk to yourself in a positive way.
  2. No More Anger – You will not be triggered by the things that used to make you angry. I will help you to step back, in your mind, and feel a sense of understanding and detachment about the situations that made you angry. You will notice that you have a sense of ease when you are facing a difficult situation.
  3. Anger into Power – Never lose control! Remain effective, sharp, focused and in control of your emotions in situations that make you angry. You won’t lose your temper, you will become more powerful and effective in communicating what you want and need.

Lurn the power to stand up to those who try to manipulate you. You will intuitively detect a manipulator and remain focused and unaffected. Stop those who try to intimidate you by your strong presence!

Emotions making you angry
Negative emotions are connected to many things in our environment. Sometimes things are making you angry and you dont know why. 
You aren’t responding to the present moment but instead to an anchor that represents the past. Find and release the emotions and replace with a positive emotion.

You can feel good again by creating the ideal brain chemistry for mental health. I will work with your unconscious mind to release the attitudes that can cause depression.

Free hypnosis consultation in Woodbridge Suffolk

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